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A 100 percent Concentrate Excellent Coolant for All year Use


  • Coolant 100 gives magnificent motor cooling and assurance against bubbling in summer heat.
  • Is a superior exhibition hostile to rust and against erosion bundle, which stays compelling overstretched periods in every single current motor.
  • Offers compelling security against cavitation disintegration and is viable with elastic and fixing materials.
  • Coolant 100 contains no destructive nitrites, amines or phosphates.


• Engine Coolant 100 is a 100 percent concentrate great coolant for all year use. It will give amazing erosion security to all metals utilized in the development of fuel and diesel motors particularly the standard metals iron, copper and aluminum. Planned from mono ethylene glycol and containing exceptional inhibitors for metal surface assurance, it gives remarkable rust and erosion security to all cooling framework materials and is completely viable with adaptable hoses and seals. • Engine Coolant 100 expands the limit when water is added to the coolant and gives better cooling in the high surrounding temperature conditions. It is reasonable for all vehicle makes including aluminium motor development, and meets producers' prerequisites as a premixed ethylene glycol and deionized water blend.


Coolant 100 Motor COOLANT meets the below standards:

  • BS 6580 (1992)
  • ASTM 3306
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  • CAN - 1L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L
  • Bucket/Pail - 20L, 25L
  • DRUM - 200L, 208L
  • IBC - 1,000L
  • FLEXI Sack - 20,000L
  • Custom Packing Available

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