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Turbine Oil

Turbine Oil is a top-notch ointment that is created utilizing uniquely figured-out base oil cutting-edge innovation-added substances with oxidation inhibitors. This item actually keeps up with the framework clean and controls stores. It's impervious to warm corruption.

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Transformer Oil

Transformer Oil is a great uninhibited transformer and switchgear protecting oil that is made of cutting-edge virgin mineral base oil and high-level added substances. This item has proficient oxidation strength and great dielectric power, and it's safe against corrosive and slops develop.

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Soluble Cutting Oil

Soluble Cutting Oil is a great solvent cutting oil that is formed from cutting-edge base oil and impeccably planned emulsifying specialists to make a liquid that has the most extreme invigorating and cooling power, exceptional lubricity and hostile to weld characteristics. This item has a solid hold of alkalinity and low frothing inclinations. It has genuinely incorporated biocidal emulsifiers to oppose bacterial development unequivocally.

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Industrial Gear Oil 220

Industrial Gear 220 is a synthetic gear oil designed to provide protection for gears and bearings, extend oil life even under extreme conditions and help enable problem-free operation. The high viscosity index enables a wider operating temperature range.

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AW Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil formulated utilizing premium quality virgin base oils are mixed with cutting edge added substances that are hostile to wear and rust inhibitors. This item safeguards the most perplexing frameworks even while conforming to ISO necessities for power through pressure. It guarantees extraordinary execution under outrageous working circumstances. Hydraulic Oil for hydraulic systems that forestalls rust and erosion and incorporates a productive enemy of froth-added substance. It upgrades the presentation of the pressure-driven frameworks by empowering the fast arrival of infused air.

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