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About Perfect lubricants. Produced by specialists who can choose from a wide variety of base oils and advanced additives, the company's products are developed to suit individual needs. Certified plant with fully equipped laboratory ensures 100% product compliance. The company produces high quality lubricant products under the brand name "Perfect", which is distributed worldwide. Our mission is to provide our customers with best-in-class products, services and support that exceed their expectations at all times.

Our Featured Products

Finest Blends and Highest Quality Lubricants for Automotive and Industrial Applications
Perfect Lubricants are specialty oils are planned to the best expectations and made with state-of-the-art innovation. Whether you're keeping an in-house armada or serving clients, we offer affirmed, superior execution, solid oils, and synthetic compounds that go all the way, including premium motor oil, heavy-duty diesel Oil, motorcycle oil, transmission oil, brake oil, engine coolant, marine oil and specialty greases.

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Fully Synthetic Diesel Motor Oil CK-4

A top-quality mileage completely manufactured full synthetic diesel motor oil CK-4K with 100% refined base oils and advanced additives.

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Fully Synthetic Motor Oil SP

PERFECT Fully Synthetic Motor Oils are formulated for all Gasoline Engines. They provide optimum protection for engines requiring multi-grade oil. The new full synthetic motor oil SP incorporates the reception of two new ILSAC particulars, GF-6A and GF-6B.

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Gear Oil GL-5

PERFECT GEAR OIL GL-5 are premium quality long life gear box oils blended with extreme pressure additives. These oils are environmentally friendly & do not contain lead nor chlorine.

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ATF Dexron III Transmission Oil

PERFECT Automatic Transmission Fluid is a special transmission fluid with highly Improved performance and carefully formulated multifunctional power transmission fluid that satisfies the latest requirements of passenger cars and automatic commercial vehicles.

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4-Stroke Engine Oil

PERFECT 4T Oil is a premium four stroke motorcycle engine oil specially designed to give superior protection and performance even under extreme conditions. These oils are specially designed for high temperature operating conditions providing optimum performance.

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2-Cycle Outboard Oil TC-W3

Outboard tcw3 marine oil is an efficient premium performance, two-stroke marine outboard oil, formulated with an ashless additive system. This 2-cycle marine oil is specifically designed to help maintain torque and acceleration of water-cooled outboard engines.

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