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ATF 8HP ZF Transmission oil based on top-notch oils with an exceptional added substance and hindrance, which guarantee an ideal capability of the programmed transmission. Covering ATF 8HP Transmission oil is a programmed transmission oil ATF of the most recent age for every one of the 8-stroke programmed transmissions of ZF. It ensures in any mode for greatest wear security. Covering ATF 8HP ZF 8-speed transmission oil is green-hued.


  • Awesome greasing up capacity even at low temperatures in winter
  • A high, stable thickness record
  • Generally excellent oxidation security
  • Security against consumption and froth arrangement
  • Greatly adjusted coefficient of rubbing
  • A high warm and oxidative dependability
  • A great cooling limits


• ATF 8HP Oils is reasonable for use in transmission of 8HP-Series transmission of ZF 8HP45, 8HP55, 6HP26, 8HP70, 8HP90, likewise for 6-stroke programmed 6HP-series - 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, 6HP28AF. It is additionally appropriate in ZF transmission series 9HP48.


ATF 8HP meets the below standards:

  • ZF TE-ML ZF S 671 090 312
  • BMW 83222152426 • LAND Wanderer TYK5000050
  • ATF L 12108
  • VW/AUDI G 060 162 A1/A2/A6
  • Land Wanderer LR023288 and LR023289
  • MB 236.12
  • VW G 055 162
  • VW G 060 162
  • VW G 055 005
  • VW G 055 540
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  • CAN - 1L, 4L, 5L, 6L, 7L
  • Bucket/Pail - 20L, 25L
  • DRUM - 200L, 208L
  • IBC - 1,000L
  • FLEXI Sack - 20,000L
  • Custom Packing Available

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